Hidden Truths

China Socio-Economic Evolution

January 20, 2023 Hidden Truths
Hidden Truths
China Socio-Economic Evolution
Show Notes

China Socio-Economic Evolution

A.    Tiananmen Square

a.     1989 one-million-person protest made up of College Students

b.     Tank Man

c.     World Outrage

d.     Lend to many reforms in China

B.    One Child Policy

a.     Started in 1979

b.     Replaced in 2016 with two Children

c.     2021 allow for three Children plus incentives

d.     Birth rate has declined 

e.     Chart

C.     Jack Ma (Policy Shift)

a.     Clashed with Chinese Regulators over Banking system

                                               i.     Bring ANT public at this time 2022

                                             ii.     Last seen in Nov. 2022 in Japan (Where in the world is Jack Ma)

                                            iii.     Was Re-Educated

                                            iv.     Was recently seen in Thailand

1.     Just hours before he gave control company to Daniel Zhang 

2.     Government is buying Golden Shares

D.    Xi Jinping Re-election

a.     To win party subport Jinping cracked down on billionaire’s like Ma

b.     Re-elected to a 3rd 5 year term (General Secretary) 10/2022

c.     Party custom to only allow 2 five year terms